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Over time, the natural aging process, lifestyle, and the foods that one eats or drinks, can stain and yellow a patient’s teeth. There are many tooth whitening methods. The patient should choose a method that has long-lasting effect, results in a natural and uniform look of the teeth, is safe and effective, uses the least amount of active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) to achieve the desired result, and is administered by a dental professional.  BriteSmile is safe for the patient’s tooth enamel, fillings and other dental work, and gums.  A study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association confirms the effectiveness, safety and long-lasting result of BriteSmile.  The BriteSmile method employs a blue-light technology that works together with a proprietary whitening gel that contains only 15% hydrogen peroxide, thereby diminishing the temporary tooth sensitivity that patients experience as a result of whitening procedures. The patient can see as much as fourteen shades of improvement as a result of a single treatment.